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 投稿者:Syuw  投稿日:2019年 8月15日(木)00時56分35秒


*ENGLISH FYI* Reservation Requests

 投稿者:Dan Hancock  投稿日:2019年 4月23日(火)02時23分46秒
  Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share an FYI from our recent trip to Kagaya. I tried to make a reservation on this board (you'll see the request a few posts down), but never got a reply. We didnt think much of it, and went anyway.

Mark was not expecting us. He explained that he doesn't use this board for reservations - that calling him is the best way to make a reservation.

Of course, he's completely amazing and let us in to sit at a table regardless of our failure to make a reservation (Mark is truly amazing and has a beautiful, hilarious soul). The night ended up being the most unforgettable of our entire stay (I recommend making this the 'last stop' on your vacation). I'll never forget my trip to Kagaya, and can't wait to visit Mark again!

Passing the above along as an FYI for anyone who is English-only, like me :)


 投稿者:ビリン  投稿日:2019年 4月22日(月)09時47分16秒

I would like to make a reservation for 4 people on Monday 29th of April at 8pm, if possible. Please email me at exsupervilin@gmail.com. Thank you!

Reservation Request

 投稿者:Dan Hancock  投稿日:2019年 4月14日(日)11時04分55秒
  Dear Mark,

We would like to make a reservation for 15th of April around 10pm (22:00) for three people. Is this possible? Feel free to send me an email to dhancock615@gmail.com!

Thank you!


 投稿者:Kevin  投稿日:2019年 4月 3日(水)11時34分51秒
  Hello, I would like to make a reservation for 2 people on Monday, April 8th at 19:00.

Please email at kevinwu874@gmail.com if available!

Thank you!

May have left bag at restaurant

 投稿者:rebecca Sasso  投稿日:2019年 3月28日(木)23時15分17秒

We may have left a small brown bag at the restaurant on March 27th. We're the party that brought the dinosaur toy with us. Please email at rebeccasasso@yahoo.com if found. We will pay for shipping.

request for reservation

 投稿者:Rose  投稿日:2019年 3月27日(水)02時51分37秒
  Hello, I would like to make a reservation for 2 people on Saturday, April 6th at 21:00. Please email at rosechau128@gmail.com
Thank you!


 投稿者:Justin  投稿日:2019年 3月26日(火)06時40分28秒
  Hello!  I would like to make a reservation for two people on April 13th at 18:00 please.  Email confirmation to tdjustin@gmail.com

Thank you!!

Request for reservation

 投稿者:Shruti  投稿日:2019年 3月15日(金)20時34分17秒
  Hi Mark,

I would like to make a reservation for 2 people on April 1st 2019 at 22:00.

Please reply to me on shruti.2212@gmail.com
Thank you!


 投稿者:Joseph  投稿日:2019年 3月 5日(火)11時27分4秒
  Hello. I am not sure if the other website I used to make a reservation worked or not so I will try it here as well. My name is Joseph and I would like to make a reservation for 1 on Friday March 22 at 8:30 p.m. Please email me at JosephAEmmerich@gmail.com for any questions. Thank you!